Current Projects


Intention and Corporate Criminal Liability

This research paper tries to understand an alternate basis for establishing criminal liability, particularly of corporations, and limits to the requirement for establishing intentionality which forms the basis for most criminal prosecution. In environmental law particularly, seemingly innocent and innocuous actions cause significant and multi-generational harm to persons and their environment, in ways that intentional, violent crime do not. The paper examines the limits of intentionality using both: theoretical literature review, and comparative legal methods including the cases approach.

Reforming Legislation on Natural Disasters in India

I am currently working on a chapter focusing on natural disaster response legislation and jurisprudence in South Asia, particularly India.

Corporate Criminal Liability for Ecocide

My doctoral research focuses on corporate liability for the crime of ecocide. The main aim is to expand our understanding of how corporations commit environmental crime, particularly the crime of ecocide as part of their operations, using both legal theory and empirical evidence, while incorporating methods from doctrinal research, comparative legal studies and green criminology. The work is rooted in both green criminology and law, specifically environmental and criminal law at the domestic and international levels.

Spaces for Decoloniality within the Paris Agreement

This research paper is based on the premise that the Paris Agreement has the potential to decolonise international climate law and explore innovative pathways to practice decoloniality in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. This is in light of the fact that global anthropogenic climate emissions are connected with the colonial project, and the extraction and consumption of natural resources, particularly minerals and oils by colonisers.

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