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Book Chapters

  • Mrinalini Shinde, The Implementation of the Paris Agreement through Tax Law: Examples from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, Chapter 7 in Globalisation, Environmental law and Sustainable Development in the Global South: Challenges for Implementation (Kirk W. Junker and Paolo Davide Farah eds; Routledge: 2021) ISBN 9780367749132.

  • Environmental Law Across Cultures: Comparisons for Legal Practice (Kirk W. Junker ed. 1st edn.; Routledge: 2019) ISBN: 9780367028268; Author of the following chapters:

    • Ch. 4: “Resolution of Environmental Disputes,” Vanessa Johnston…, et al… & Mrinalini Shinde;
    • Ch. 7: “Public Participation,” Mrinalini Shinde, Tsegai Berhane Ghebretekle & Kirk W. Junker;
    • Ch. 10: “Environmental Crime and Enforcement,” Mrinalini Shinde.
  • Mrinalini Shinde, Environmental Law of India, Chapter 28 in Comparative Environmental Law and Regulation (Elizabeth Burleson, Lin-Heng Lye & Nicholas A. Robinson eds.; Thomson Reuters; 2018) ISBN: 9780379012514.

Journal Articles

Conference Presentations

  1. The Company as Individual: Corporate Criminal Responsibility for Ecocide and the Rome Statute, at the Asser Workshop on Method, Methodology and Critique, The Asser Institute (The Hague, Dec. 2021).
  2. Publicly Traded International Law: Exploring the Ustopia of the Corporation and International Criminal Liability, at the 2021 Melbourne Doctoral Forum on Legal Theory: Utopia & the Legal Imagination, Melbourne Law School (Melbourne, Nov. 2021).
  3. (Un)Intended Consequences?: The Role of Intention in Understanding Corporate Financial Crimes, at the Financial Crime: Challenges and Responses, Centre for Financial Law, Regulation & Compliance, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London (London, Oct. 2021).
  4. The Use of Domestic Taxation Legislation in the Implementation of the Paris Agreement at the International Workshop on Globalization of Environmental Law and the Role of Developing Countries towards Sustainable Development, University of Cologne (Cologne, Germany, 2019).
  5. [Co-authored with Prof. Kirk W. Junker] Horse Before the Cart: Animal Personhood in India at the Ashok Kumar Memorial Wildlife Law and Enforcement Conference (Pune, India, 2019).
  6. SLAPP Down: The Coercive Curtailment of Environmental Information at the 11th Winter Meeting of The Int’l Consortium for Interdisciplinary Education About Health and The Environment. (Cologne, Germany, 2017).
  7. Bhopal’s Problem Child: Intergenerational Equity and Environmental Liability in a Toxic Landscape at Hazardous Time-Scapes at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (Munich, Germany, 2017).
  8. Regulating Nanomaterials: Comparing the Evolution of Law in the United States and the EU at the Annual International Conference on Comparative Law (Warsaw, Poland, 2017).
  9. Fuelling Innovation: Renewable Energy and the Patent Law Regime at the Indian Technology Congress (Bangalore, India, 2014).
  10. The Doctrine of Public Trust and the Conservation of Biodiversity at the Green Campus Summit (Puducherry, India, 2013).
  11. Special Economic Zones and Sustainability: A Paradox at the Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth (Pune, India, 2012). 

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